Believe it or not the first vibrator appeared in Britain in 1870 the steam powered device was designed to combat fluid retention, insomnia and lack of appetite! How times have changed. Later that centuary the job was done more efficiently by spas that did water treatments and they had to be a lot more appealing than the steam powered device!

Vibraters were mainly only used in the hands of medical professionals until the early 20th century when electrification made vibraters available to the ‘home user’. I would imagine they wasn’t the most discrete of devices.

Vibrators then disappeared for over 50 years then in the early 1980’s they reemerged in stores such as Ann Summers and were mostly designed for penetration. Since in the 1990’s there has been a massive boom in vibraters with shows like ‘Sex in the City’ making even certain models hugely popular like the Rabbit Vibrater. Now with sex shows the norm on British Tv the love of the vibrator looks to continue for years to come.

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