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How to choose a vibrater

The market has seen a boom in vibraters and for the newbie it can be a daunting experience making your first purchase. If you are looking to add a bit of spice to your love life buying one as a sexy present for your loved one is a great way to get started but be warned it’s addictive and soon you will both want to explore more, just be sure you have plenty of batteries!!!

The best approach for a first vibrater is to look for something simple and good looking don’t go straight in for the life like 8″er! especially if it is a gift for your loved one! Best ones to look at are the Massager Vibrators these look like , and some are, traditional massagers and won’t scare people if they’re accidently left lying around.

Be aware that some vibraters are extremely noisy so for a first timer this can be really off putting luckily there are now quite a few quiet vibraters and even silent ones on the market.

If your a bit more experienced in the way of the vibrater then you probably have an idea of what you want from it. Some people prefer the intense clitoral stimulation a bullet vibrator gives others prefer the internal stimulation that realistic dildo vibrators give (be warned some are scary sizes!). You may want the best of both worlds this is where the rabbit vibrators come in. Made famous from there appearance in the hit show ‘Sex in the City’ these feature little rabbit ears to stimulate the clitoris and the more classic internal stimulator and sometimes extra special balls to stimulate the virginal opening. What more could a girl ask for!

Technology is always advancing and in the world of vibraters the new big thing is remote controlled¬† vibrators these can be the ultimate turn on for the more adventurous that want to be turned on in public without anyone knowing. You can even get the new mobile phone vibrator that will vibrate and excite when someone calls your mobile! Could be embarrassing depending on who’s calling you!

You can even have fun in the bath with waterproof vibrators these are fully sealed to withstand full submersion. Bath times have never been so much fun.

Whatever you decide to go for remember to experiment and have fun there is an amazing array of new experiences awaiting for you and your partner.