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Lelo Liv Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

Lelo Liv Luxury Rechargeable VibratorClassy, elegant, with five pre-programmed pleasure modes and a virtually silent vibrator, the Liv is a beautifully sculpted sex toy. It’s rechargeable, providing up to 90 minutes of pleasure at a time. A wonderful gift – for him and her.

Price: £64.99
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Hitachi Magic Wand with UK Power Converter

Hitachi Magic Wand with UK Power ConverterThe legendary Hitachi Magic Wand! The mains-powered Wand has been America’s favourite massager for years, but until now it’s only been available in the US. It’s sold as a straight stress-relieving massager – but we know what it’s really good for….

Price: £59.99
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SaSi by JeJoue Intelligent Rechargeable Vibrator

SaSi by JeJoue Intelligent Rechargeable VibratorAnother LoveHoney EXCLUSIVE! SaSi is the amazing new sex toy that offers a truly endless variety of orgasmic sensations – and then remembers exactly what turns you on. With its unique “Don’t Stop!” button, it won’t stop until you’ve had enough!

Price: £94.99
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Bonershaker Ladyshaker His and Hers Massager

Bonershaker Ladyshaker His and Hers MassagerThis exceptionally powerful sex toy doesn’t just vibrate, it thrusts, throbs and shakes! This incredible massager runs on mains power and pleasures you in ways human touch simply can’t replicate. Includes Bonershaker for men and Ladyshaker for women.

Price: £139.99
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Jimmyjane FORM 6 Luxury Rechargeable Massager

Jimmyjane FORM 6 Luxury Rechargeable MassagerThis innovative, shower-friendly twin-motor massager features precision controlled vibrations and smooth organic contours that fit both the hand and body. Rechargeable and water resistant, the Jimmyjane FORM 6 is designed for a lifetime of pleasure!

Price: £149.99
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Lelo Iris Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

Lelo Iris Luxury Rechargeable VibratorFeminine and elegant – yet still powerful, the Iris boasts a pair of individually balanced vibrator motors working in harmony, making for deep and powerful vibrations…

Price: £79.99
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Lelo Gigi Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

Lelo Gigi Luxury Rechargeable VibratorThe Gigi’s five pre-programmed pleasure modes and virtually silent vibration deliver discreet, deep, rapturous sensations to your G-spot… with spot-on precision. This Swedish-made sex toy is rechargeable and comes in an elegant gift box and satin pouch.

Price: £64.99
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Lady Som Female Sex Machine

Lady Som Female Sex MachineA thrilling, thrusting sex machine designed just for her, the Lady Som sex machine delivers up to 180 powerful strokes per minute, hands free! Mains powered and direct from Japan to you!

Price: £299.99
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Lelo Elise Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

Lelo Elise Luxury Rechargeable VibratorElegant Swedish design, toe-curling, eye-rolling sensations. With five intense pleasure modes and virtually silent vibrations, Elise provides the ultimate in clit and G-spot rapture – it’s a sex toy supreme. Go on, you deserve it!

Price: £89.99
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Lelo Mia Rechargeable Vibrator

Lelo Mia Rechargeable VibratorBeautiful, Swedish-made rechargeable lipstick vibrator with 4 discreet but powerful stimulation modes. It delivers up to 4 hours of intense pleasure between charges – and best of all it’s USB compatible so you can simply charge it on a computer!

Price: £39.99
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